This site details some of the many adventures that GWiz have had.

Our current adventure September – November 2013 is travelling (and of course climbing) in the South Western states of the USA.

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Sunday 27th October 2013

I have to start today’s update by admitting Garth got me back big time for jumping out at him on our Needles walk. To put it in perspective though the campsite we drove into last night was shut down for the winter, no lights, very few people, most of the bathrooms had been locked up for the winter so it all looked rather dismal and it was freezing cold. We wandered around several amenities blocks before finally finding the single one which was still open for use in the walk in campers area. We both went in to our respective sides to brush our teeth and wash our faces. The whole place was a bit creepy. Never in a million years did I think Garth would frighten the living daylights out of me when I walked out again. I let out a very genuine blood curdling scream when he leapt out in front of me. He of course thought it was quite funny, but being a bit uncomfortable being there at all it just rather upset me, so I made him hold my hand all the way back to Heidi (which by this time felt miles away and I was sure was in a different direction). Garth wins the being scary stakes.
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